Easter….and the loss of our Sofa!

Easter! A lovely, enjoyable time to spend with your family…

During the Easter period my partners mother and sister joined us, and spent time with our baby for first time in 7 months. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, it was a great time for all… except for one small problem. Our house is just too small for house guests! While we were being accommodating, we explained this house unlike our old one did not have a spare bedroom, and they would be sleeping on the sofa and the living room floor. The problem that that was that we lost our Sofa! We love spending evenings gaming together on the PS4 or our laptops, or even just watching Netflix, but as they were going to bed at 10pm, we were then banished to our bedroom…we felt like teenagers again, it was extremely bizarre!

Our son┬áhad lots of Easter Eggs, and its safe to say they will last him for ages, although he is a little monster where chocolate is involved. He only has to sniff it, to go into Choco-Mania…will pretend to cuddle you if he knows there is chocolate near you, so he can sneakily search for it, then toddle off with chocolate in his mouth! He’s becoming a right cheeky little monkey, especially now he is crawling. We had to spend the evening reorganising our living room, as we have a bookcase full of books, which had been thrown all over our living room, earlier in the day. So that evening we packed them all up, and filled the shelves at his level with his toys, and put my extensive Harry Potter Collection on the top shelf. Being a massive Harry Potter Fan, my son is very lucky to not have a Harry Potter Nusery. Although I must say I am rather jealous! His daddy wants to turn his bedroom into a Super Mario themed room, which should look amazing when finished.

I’ve been having dreams lately of Rupert cheating on me and leaving me, I know they are only dreams, but when I wake up and see him lying there peacefully I cant help but glare at him. I know he never would but still, I saw it happen in my dream so for those first 5 minutes while I wake up properly I’m in a proper grump with him! Poor guy.

I didn’t get any Easter Eggs this year, not a single one! I know i’m 25, but still…everyone loves chocolate! It’s my birthday soon, maybe I should hint rather strongly that all a girl needs is Chocolate.