September 2014, my boyfriend stepped off the bus, looking extremely anxious. After kissing the gorgeous face I hadn’t seen in a week, I sighed then softly said, “Ok ready?”, with a hesitant nod he agreed. I let go of his hand and headed to the toilet of Leicester Bus Station, where after three minutes I remerged, and showed him the ‘stick of destiny’, we were going to have a baby!

We had been in a long distance relationship for some time, and that wasn’t going to work anymore, so a week later, I met him off the bus for the last time, as we began our life together, waiting for he arrival of our mischievous little monkey!

9 Months later and 1 and a half hours of painful pushing, where I nearly broke Rupert’s hand! Our little boy emerged, bright purple and covered in gloop! We have had many sleepless nights, many tantrums because we wont let him bite our toes, and thousands of smiling moments, where I have felt like the luckiest person in the world to have the two most greatest people in the world, in my life.

❤ This is our story.